Plan Updates

Progress through the years shows how each division, school, department, organized research unit, and college has aligned its individual strategic planning efforts with the Strategic Plan. Successful implementation results from active and ongoing involvement of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners.

Continued Progress for Campus Transformation

UC San Diego is in the midst of a physical, intellectual and cultural transformation. We are enhancing the student experience, creating a more connected campus and making UC San Diego a destination for art, culture and recreation. We are adding more student housing, classrooms and research facilities, and we are preparing for the arrival of the UC San Diego Blue Line trolley to our campus in 2021. Our revitalization is underway, and the following are achievements over the last year that support the five Strategic Plan goals and campus vision. View prior years’ accomplishments.

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Re-Visioning Our Campus: Unified Goals Propel Progress

UC San Diego is beginning a momentous and substantial transformation. We are re-visioning our campus to fulfill our five Strategic Plan goals. Every day, we make progress to enhance the student experience, cultivate an inclusive and diverse community, expand our research prowess and impact, improve the delivery of advanced healthcare and enrich our community. Our campus is physically transforming to meet the evolving needs of our campus and community members, and we are laying the groundwork to publicly announce our ambitious and historic $2 billion fundraising Campaign for UC San Diego to advance our mission. We’ve already surpassed the halfway mark in the quiet phase and recruited volunteer campaign leadership, including four honorary co-chairs and nearly 35 campaign committee members. Our revitalization is underway, and the following are achievements over the last year that support our five goals and campus vision. View the previous year’s accomplishments.

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Achieving Our Mission: Campus Makes Great Progress Toward Strategic Plan Goals

Every day, UC San Diego campus members make great advancements toward our Strategic Plan mission and goals. From classroom and lab renovations to curriculum enhancements and new multidisciplinary research centers, the Strategic Plan guides our decisions and resource allocations, and enables us to seize opportunities that enhance our distinctiveness, quality and benefit to the community. Together, we are shaping a bright future for UC San Diego. Read about our achievements over the last year by clicking on the arrows below.

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Great Progress, Bright Future

The world is about to become a better place. That’s because more than 8,000 new UC San Diego graduates are joining the ranks of our distinguished alumni, faculty and staff who are already positively impacting our society and planet. It’s also due to the efforts of our campus members to fulfill the five goals we collectively developed in our first-ever Strategic Plan and achieve our vision as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.

As a public research university, UC San Diego has a responsibility to conduct and translate research so that it benefits our community and world. Just in the last year, UC San Diego faculty have made much progress in advancing our Strategic Plan’s four grand research themes.

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Setting a Strong Course for the University

“Our success will be measured by our accomplishments and the societal impact that results from achieving our goals.” – Chancellor Khosla

Chancellor Khosla hosted a campus-wide Town Hall on April 24 at the Faculty Club to discuss the outcomes of UC San Diego’s first-ever Strategic Plan.  He talked about the five transformational goals and 13 strategies that were developed after garnering feedback from more than 10,000 campus and community members. He also shared early actions the campus has taken during the strategic planning process that support the plan’s goals, and expressed his excitement about the direction we are heading.  He said, as a public university, it is our responsibility to give back to society by educating global citizens, discovering new knowledge, creating new technology and contributing to our economy.  To learn more, view the Strategic Plan Executive Summary and the Chancellor's PowerPoint. The Chancellor will host additional Town Halls in the coming weeks.

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Town Hall Set to Discuss Strategic Plan Outcomes

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla will host a Town Hall to share the five goals, 13 strategies and four research themes developed through the strategic planning process, and he will talk about the decisions and investments that have already been made to support the plan’s goals.

The Town Hall will be held on Thursday, April 24 from 3 - 4:30 p.m. at the Faculty Club Dining Room. Read more about the town hall in This Week.

Unable to attend?  Two additional Town Halls will be held at different locations on campus in the coming weeks.

Read the Strategic Plan Executive Summary.

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Update on Administrative Structure Review and Organizational Changes

The campus-wide administrative review, conducted in tandem with our strategic planning initiative, positions UC San Diego for implementation of the university's strategic plan. I have initiated organizational changes that include:

  • Appoint Steve Gamer as Vice Chancellor - Advancement. In this position, he has primary responsibility for oversight of university development and alumni and constituent engagement, and will lead the planning for a major fundraising campaign.
  • Launch Search for Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs (VCSA) position, with a solid reporting line to the Executive Vice Chancellor and a dotted reporting line to the Chancellor. The VCSA remains a Cabinet member. This change will lead to a stronger integration of academics and student life, will sharpen our focus on the overall student experience, and help us to achieve our campus goal to be a student-centered university. The search commenced in January 2014.

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The Imperative for Change - Ensuring a Bright Future for UC San Diego

At the conclusion of UC San Diego’s 50th anniversary year in 2011, our campus community was inspired with a renewed sense of pride in our tremendous achievements. Our golden milestone afforded us a valuable opportunity to celebrate our unique and enviable academic trajectory, one that we hope to emulate in the future. These celebratory times were quickly followed by the inevitable question, “so, what’s next?” Our campus had arrived at a pivotal moment, which became increasingly clear as myriad important conversations on campus began to converge. Meanwhile, following decades of enormous growth in students, faculty, programs and buildings, the campus had been dealt five years of severe state funding cuts, resulting in the erosion of our budgeted-to-actual faculty ratio and student-to-faculty ratio. It was time to look toward the future and determine how to rebuild in a thoughtful and strategic manner to ensure an equally remarkable next 50 years for UC San Diego. Thus, we commenced a strategic planning process.

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Chancellor’s Council Prepares for Strategic Plan Rollout

The Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Council set the stage at its April meeting for an early summer rollout of UC San Diego’s first-ever blueprint for future growth.  Members conveyed feedback from campus units on a Statement of Mission and Values, and they appraised initiatives to foster educational quality, faculty excellence, research-fueled innovation in emerging fields, equity and diversity, and public engagement.

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Strategic Planning Council Consensus: “We’re 90% There”

The March 2013 Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Council meeting focused on UC San Diego’s Statement of Mission and Values, a planning framework that incorporates a wide range of stakeholder input. The campus leaders expressed support for the statement’s clarity and precision in setting future priorities for UC San Diego, and concurred with the importance of “measures of success” as a key component of the blueprint for the future. They agreed with Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla that it represents “a 90-percent convergence” of the planning process to date, and they said they will begin integrating its precepts in charting the future of their units.

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Regional CEOs Advise Chancellor on Strategic Planning

CEOs and corporate leaders from San Diego firms identified new ways to expand UC San Diego’s impact regionally and globally in a Feb. 25 early morning breakfast meeting with Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla.

Many of the participants are themselves alumni, parents of alumni, or employers who have hired graduates and mentored students.  The executives underscored the need for closer ties on all fronts between innovation-based industries and university faculty and students. They offered to help prepare students to succeed in a workforce that values enterprise and teamwork.  And they asked the Chancellor to accelerate research and development partnerships that will yield collaborative breakthroughs.

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Alumni Leaders Join Strategic Planning Process

UC San Diego’s Alumni Board of Directors joined the campus strategic planning process in a Feb. 22 forum that generated an array of ideas for enhancing the student experience, strengthening the university’s brand, and fortifying the global network of 150,000 campus alumni.

Board members called for more dynamic alumni-student exchanges, particularly those centered on academic majors and career development.  They expressed a keen interest in promoting UC San Diego as a “public Ivy” renowned for both high academic quality and broad educational access.  They suggested that more enterprising admissions procedures would boost diversity and inclusion, and they volunteered to serve as admissions readers.

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Strategic Planning Council Holds Second Meeting

The second meeting of the Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Council focused on two of the planning initiative’s primary themes: “preserve/strengthen academic excellence” and “create an outstanding student experience.”  Wide-ranging discussions of each theme emphasized three parameters that are integral to strategic planning.

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Health Sciences Faculty, Staff Take Part in Strategic Planning Town Halls

Faculty and staff from the Division of Health Sciences joined in the campus strategic planning initiative at town hall forums at the Moores Cancer Center on Feb. 7 and the Hillcrest Medical Center on Feb. 8.  The discussions examined the Division’s role as San Diego’s only academic medical center, its mission to generate research discoveries that spur clinical innovations, and the challenges it faces in sustaining revenues and improving patient care.

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Chancellor Takes Strategic Planning Initiative Out Into the Community

UC San Diego’s strategic planning process moved out into the community when Chancellor Pradeep Khosla held brainstorming sessions with leaders of diverse and underserved areas of San Diego County.

At back-to-back town hall forums – on Feb. 6 in East San Diego and Feb. 7 in National City – community representatives urged the Chancellor to bridge the demographic divides that can make the campus seem remote from stakeholder groups in its own region.  Led by members of the Chancellor’s Community Advisory Board, the discussions focused on providing educational opportunity to local youngsters and applying university expertise to address local economic and policy challenges.

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Chancellor’s “Strategic Planning Council” Takes Charge of Charting Campus Future

At a Jan. 14 gathering of campus leaders, Chancellor Pradeep Khosla installed his “Strategic Planning Council,” and he gave the group two charges: help drive the strategic planning process and carry it forward into the greater UC San Diego community.

“Your role is to make sure we are on the right path,” the Chancellor told them.  “I also want you to be the ambassadors who keep reporting what this process is and how various forms of input are being incorporated into it.”

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography Community Gathers for Strategic Planning Town Hall

The birthplace of UC San Diego was the site of the most recent campus strategic planning town hall when Chancellor Pradeep Khosla met with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography community on Jan. 18. Town hall participants included Scripps faculty, staff and students. Also in attendance was Walter Munk, who joined the Institution as its first graduate student in 1947, former Director Charles Kennel, along with members of the Scripps Advisory Council.

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ORU Directors Discuss Research Directions in Strategic Planning Group Session

Faculty leaders who direct campus Organized Research Units (ORUs) met Jan. 14 to discuss how UC San Diego could forge new pathways to scholarly achievement by restructuring administrative systems and reinvigorating a climate of intellectual audacity.  They emphasized the need for greater budget transparency, and they suggested ways to bolster grant revenues by offering more substantial incentives for successful proposals.

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Jan. 10 Town Hall Forum Focuses on Graduate and Professional Education

“UC San Diego has achieved a lot more than any other university has or could have in its first 50 years.  How are we going to maintain that and improve upon it?”

Chancellor Pradeep Khosla put that question to a group of graduate and professional students at a strategic planning town hall meeting on January 10 in the Student Services Center.  The students responded by identifying campus assets that drew them to UC San Diego and challenges they face in earning advanced degrees at the university.  They suggested specific ways to enrich their educational experience, and they urged the Chancellor to continue this exchange of ideas beyond the planning process.

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Undergrad Students Take Part in Campus Town Hall Forum

Nearly 200 undergraduates became the first students ever to take part in a UC San Diego strategic planning process when they gathered for a January 8 town hall meeting at the Price Center.  Invited by Chancellor Pradeep Khosla to participate as a key stakeholder group – “at the end of the day,” he told them, “you are the reason why we are here” – the students offered an array of ideas for charting the institution’s next 50 years.  They expressed a common desire to have a greater voice in setting priorities for the campus, and they asked for more transparency and more open communication. 

Following a presentation by the Chancellor on “Defining UC San Diego’s Future,” Executive Vice Chancellor Suresh Subramani moderated a discussion of three topics central to the strategic planning process:

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Campus Town Hall Forums Launch Strategic Planning Process

UC San Diego launched the first strategic planning process in its 52-year history with two 2012 town hall forums that explored how the campus educates its students and serves its community.  Several hundred participants joined Chancellor Pradeep Khosla at the Price Center December 6 and the Faculty Club December 10 for what he called “a brainstorming session to take a fresh look, understand how we got here, and then figure out what it is we want to be 50 years from now.” 

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Formulating the Plan: How We Prepare for UC San Diego’s Future

UC San Diego’s founders established a tradition of excellence that led us on an upward trajectory of growth and success over our first five decades. Their vision led us to where we are today – one of the world’s premier public research universities.

Now it’s time for us to plan what’s next for UC San Diego.

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